Log homes – wooden prefabricated houses are the objects of dry construction, and can be installed in all weather conditions.

Since the arrival of the material on your site by the end of the installation should be 7-15 days. Same time needed to complete electrical system, plumbing, tiles, sanitary With good organization can moving into a new home in one  calendar month,it  is unimaginable in classical construction.

Over 90% of the materials of our homes are natural – wood, stone, tile. Therefore satisfy the strictest environmental requirements.

Wooden houses are non-allergenic house, wood like material doesn’t produce static electricity because these are areas free of dust, cobwebs, moisture and other organisms damaging to human health. Wooden houses are low energy and have excellent thermal properties.

For example, a wall of dried spruce which is 7 cm thick has the same thermal properties  as a brick wall 25 cm thick, or as a wall of concrete 45cm thick . Our homes need a little energy for heating. Each of our house is work of art.

Every house is individual project tailored to the wishes and needs of investors, their lifestyle and financial abilities. We are trying to be the maximum integrated into the natural environment.


Knock on wood – live healthy


Modern “QUATRO” system is provided the wooden houses – chalets to be at the top of seismically stable objects.

Specific weight of wood pieces and other materials that constitute the objects are allowed to become whole with multiple less weight than conventional construction.

Because the foundation can be a thin concrete block reinforced with mesh in the two zones.

Simply because, you decided to have a wooden house in the beginning save big money for the foundations.


For all log homes windows are provided by the project. They are made of three layers lamella with double or triple glass thermal and appropriate irons.

For all models and sizes of windows are available to customers in the wooden shutters on several models.


Exterior doors are made of massive wood of different models in sizes as needed investors. Interior doors can be wood or veneered also in sizes and models as needed by the desire of investors.

Mezzanine construction

When house has more floor construction between floors are:

–    BSH – laminated beams adequate section

–    Thermo-acoustic insulation

–    The final floor covering

This technical solution of the floor structure in practice is remarkable about the stability and sound insulation.


External and internal walls we made of KVH profile (constructive solid wood) of dried spruce.

Thickness of the elements were determined by static calculations, the type and intended use the building. All corner joints are made by the “Quattro” system, so it is completely eliminated the possibility of blow.

For permanent housing, we propose a “sandwich” wall that contains an additional wall insulation and finishing wooden cover. Facade wood cover may be of different forms and thicknesses.

Inside the wall are the holes for the Electrical system, so it is invisible in the wall and easily accessible in case of an intervention.


Important pre-requisition for long standing building is a good hydro-isolation between fundament and first row of building and floor, to prevent moisture progression from concrete into lumber.

Floor is build of lumber, and placed on layer of hydro-isolation and stiropor, as you can see in illustration.

Additional services regarding ground floor are:

-adding layer of OSB boards (to enhance thermo-isolation)

-increased thickness of wood floor from 20mm to 25mm

-facet and protective paint

Roof construction

When building houses the most important thing is to do a quality roof.

The greatest quantity of energy is dissipated through the roof and that is why we paid special attention to making the roof structure.

Roof rails are made of BSH – laminated beams with exceptional load  For residential properties, we propose a roof with additional insulation, double floor, and possibly ventilated layer.

Ventilation layer is located between the insulating material and the final cover,and his function is to improve the thermal properties of the roof. As a result, saving large amounts of energy for heating and cooling, comfortable room in the attic in the summer. During periods with snow, ventilated roof prevents the formation of ice layers in the gutters.

For covering object we can use all kinds of roof covering materials present on the market:

-All kinds of ceramic tiles

-All kinds of tegolla

-ondulins and

-metal plates