About Us

The company “Jeladom” was founded in 1992. and operates on the principles of family business. The main business is based on the design, manufacture and installation of wooden houses with modern design and remarkable quality.

“Jeladom” has the capacity for primary and secondary wood processing and production of all the elements which make up an object.


Tehnical Description

Log homes – wooden prefabricated houses are the objects of dry construction, and can be installed in all weather conditions.

Since the arrival of the material on your site by the end of the installation should be 7-15 days. Same time needed to complete electrical system, plumbing, tiles, sanitary With good organization can moving into a new home in one  calendar month,it  is unimaginable in classical construction.

Over 90% of the materials of our homes are natural – wood, stone, tile. Therefore satisfy the strictest environmental requirements.



decija igralista akcija


01.11.2012. Jeladom company received ISO 9001 i FSC

01.03.2013. Blog drvene kuce has been released

20.08.2013. On our website www.drvenekuce.rs you can read interesting and educational articles about the construction of wooden buildings. You can also actively participate in the work of this site.

20.03.2014. Open retail store JELADOM in Krusevac at Brijanova 54 near the bus station. Here you can buy products from companies Rovex addition to our product.



cenovnikTo offer the most precise and complete a questionnaire or send us a sketch plan of the building sections (heights of the walls and roof).